A Midsummer Nights Baby

We went to hospital in the very early hours of 20th June, and 24 hours later, at half past midnight on 21st June 2011, Torrin Ghiassi MacKay was born. So far, he's been a very calm baby, feeding happily, gazing around, and wriggling. He weighed in at 9 lb 6 oz (or 4.26 kg). Mother and baby are both well. Many thanks to our wonderful midwives: Mara, Charity, Nadine, and Ida; and the staff of St Thomas's hospital, especially L. Casanares, J. Farmer, J. Villaro, S. Hernandez, Matt, Dr Trimmings, Dr Osman, Dr Yousri, Dr Chawla, and Dr Page; and not forgetting Alex and Ian.
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