Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Eriska and Eliza

Eriska feeling suspicious of a new visitor

At 9 Highway lane

Daddy and Mummy in Keele

Photo by Torrin

Daddy and Torrin eating chocolate orange bits

On the bench in Keele village

Christmas eve on the beach

Mummy and Daddy after the walk above Prenteg

Eriska about to sit down in the newly dammed stream

Building the dam on beach one

Fixing the dam on beach one

Damming the stream on beach one

Eriska enjoying beach one

Eriska on beach, Torrin on rock

Torrin scrambling 5

Torrin, Borth y Gest rocks 2

Torrin, Borth y Gest rocks!

Torrin scrambling 4

Torrin scrambling 3

Superhero number one scrambling

Eriska scrambling 3

Eriska scrambling 2

Eriska scrambling 1

Torrin scrambling

Digging for the dam

Eriska going to sleep on the beach

Torrin making a sand and water creation

Torrin writing Mum in the sand

Eriska getting ready for a walk above Prenteg